Amazon News and Updates Unlocked Spet 2022

November 10, 2022

Amazon news and updates sept 2022

Selling on Amazon means being part of a dynamic community where events help drive networking, learning, and business growth. With changes in the online heavyweight running rampant, it's also a good idea to keep up to date with Amazon's terms of service, seller news, and operations so that you can scale your business with better efficiency and less stress.

This article will dive into the biggest changes in Amazon in recent months and what networking events you can look forward to now and in the future. Let’s dive in!

Amazon News and Updates

Below you’ll find a list of changes that are currently in effect or upcoming. Save this article so you can reference these important changes in the future.

#1 Sellers will now create shipments using the “Send to Amazon” workflow 

Amazon has changed how merchants create FBA shipments by introducing the “Send to Amazon” workflow to replace the “Send/Replenish inventory” workflow. The changes take effect from October 17, 2022. You have up to November 29, 2022, to edit inventory created through the Send/Replenish inventory workflow. After November 30th, you won’t be able to view, edit or even complete any shipments you created through the old workflow. 

Send to Amazon

Fig. 1.0 Source: Amazon Seller Central, Send to Amazon 

#2 You will soon be able to ship “meltable” FBA inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers 

Strict policies have seen Amazon sellers unable to ship certain items to their fulfillment centers. Meltable items are usually hard to ship during certain periods. Amazon has enforced strict policies regarding when sellers can ship meltable items to Amazon fulfillment centers. 

Meltable items refer to products that can melt in temperatures between 75° – 155° degrees F. They include items like chocolate, gummies, and certain jelly- and wax-based products. Obviously, Amazon wants to avoid liability if such items get damaged in their fulfillment centers, but they also want to ensure that customers get their orders in the original quality.

The good news, October 16, 2022, is the start date when you can start shipping items that would be categorized as “meltable” to the Amazon fulfillment centers. Such items will be eligible for FBA fulfillment. The period runs up to April 14, 2023. Any items that  will arrive at the Amazon fulfillment centers after April 15, 2023, to October 15, 2023, will be market unfulfillable and disposed of at the expense of the seller. The same goes for items that you ship during the “allowed” period but don’t sell before April 15.

#3 You can now run A/B testing on listing descriptions and bullet points 

Beginning September 14, the Manage Your Experiments upgrades will enable sellers to run A/B testing on descriptions and bullet points and review machine-learning-based recommendations for product titles and images to drive conversion. 

Before the upgrade, A/B testing was only possible on digital labels, content, and main images. With the upgrade, Amazon sellers can now easily automate their A/B tests by opting in and auto-publishing winning experiments to detail pages.

#4 Amazon introduces Veeqo, a free shipping software that includes discounted shipping rates

Amazon acquired Veeqo, the multichannel shipping software, early in 2022 and has now announced the commencement of the U.S rollout. Sellers who use Veeqo can directly connect their sales channels, like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy, and enjoy discounted rates on UPS, U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, and DHL. Veeqo has a rate-shopping feature that lets you import your orders to find the lowest shipping rate based on product weight and size. 

Veeqo is now available for all sellers, and anyone who ships through the software will enjoy streamlined solutions with zero monthly fees. You only pay for your chosen carrier labels. Amazon intends to improve the solution so sellers can automatically sync their inventory across Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. 

#5 Amazon has added customer review insight to the opportunity explorer feature 

The e-commerce giant has improved its product opportunity explorer tool by adding a customer review insight. The new feature will help sellers determine the key features to build and prioritize when launching new products or modifying existing ones. Using customer feedback from product star ratings and product review insights, you can work backward from the customer to see what you need to improve on. 

#6 Anonymized customer data is now possible thanks to the new insights analytics dashboard 

In yet another update, Amazon announced a new insights dashboard where sellers get anonymized data to understand their customer interests and shopping habits better. The latest update will help you customize your product listings to reflect customers' wants to increase conversions.

As a brand, you’ll be able to download Search Query and Catalog Performance data and ASIN-level details. Brands can easily assess marketing campaigns and identify areas to drive repeat purchases alongside new customers. 

#7 Sellers can now provide Prime shopping benefits to customers off of Amazon 

Third-party sellers have a reason to smile as Amazon announced new offerings on September 14. The retail giant is now providing new technology to third-party sellers. The new tools include upgrades to Amazon's customer engagement technology and the "Buy with Prime" program making it easy for sellers to provide Prime shopping benefits to buyers off Amazon. 

#8 U.S. sellers can now easily send free marketing emails to customers

Amazon accelerate 2022

Fig. 1.1 Source: Amazon Accelerate 2022 

During the just concluded Amazon Accelerate, Amazon announced that U.S. merchants will now be able to send free marketing emails to reach existing customers. This will include recent customers, repeat customers, and high-spend customers. It is an excellent move for many sellers as it means fostering a more direct relationship with customers, which will go a long way in encouraging repeat buying. Still, on this issue, Amazon announced that they are currently testing a program, Tailored Audiences and plants to make it available to U.S. merchants in early 2023.

#9 New marketplace product guidance solution for sellers who want to expand to new marketplaces

Amazon first announced the solution in 2021 and has been working to enhance it. The marketplace product guidance provides selection recommendations on the products in high demand for U.S. sellers who wish to expand to new marketplaces like Spain, Italy, and France. The recommendations are personalized and ranked based on an opportunity score that predicts the best opportunities for new selections.  

#10 The annual Amazon unBoxed event is happening in October

The Amazon Ad conference happens annually, and this year it will take place from October 25 to October 27, 2022. Consider the forum since that's when Amazon announces new solutions for big and small brands to help them better connect with their customers, nurture their brand and gain vital insights for the future. The conference will feature insights from key industry leaders, certification classes, after-hour events, interactive demos, and an exclusive musical performance this year. UnBoxed takes place at the Jacob Javits Center, New York, and should set you back $349. 

#11 November 2 is the cut-off inventory date for all FBA sellers

The holiday selling season is fast approaching, and with that comes important deadlines you need to meet if you don't want to be caught off-guard. November 2 marks the cut-off inventory date for all third-party sellers. Make sure you sort your inventory before then. 

#12 Amazon launches “Customers ask Alexa” to help brands answer common customer questions

Amazon Alexa

From October 2022, brands selling on Amazon will now easily be able to handle commonly asked questions from customers through Alexa. These include questions regarding a product's features, benefits, and compatibilities. When a customer poses a question to Alexa, Alexa will respond with answers provided directly by brands from that product category. 

The feature will be available from Seller Central for sellers registered with Amazon Brand Registry. There you can discover and answer the questions customers have posed through the self-service tools. Answers provided by different brands go through Alexa’s content moderation, and the most relevant answers are selected and shared with customers. This is a great way for brands to better connect with their customers. 

The feature will be available as an invite-only program to a select group of brands from October 2022 before it is made available to all other eligible brands in the U.S. in 2023. 


Staying curious and having a thirst for learning and improving will see you most successful on Amazon in 2022. If you want to make the most of your money and time, pay attention to what is going on around you in the Amazon space. Attend seller conferences and events, familiarize yourself with new software and update yourself on ongoing Amazon solutions and policy changes. The habit of keeping yourself up to date will go a long way in running a stress-free Amazon business that’s profitable.

What update in this article is most helpful to your Amazon business? Comment below!

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