Why Copy Matters

In order to position your products successfully on Amazon you need to optimise product content with search-relevant keywords and SEO best-practices. To increase the visibility of your brand and products our international content team begins by conducting keyword research and Amazon SEO optimisation techniques for the relevant marketplace to bring the right audience to your product listings.

Once the customer is on your page Amazon SEO, A+ content and imagery and Amazon store pages are your opportunity to convert the customer by reinforcing your brand. Our Amazon SEO & content services ensures strategic and comprehensive SEO campaigns to help you reach your business goals.

Does your brand need optimised content and Amazon SEO to increase conversions?

We create the right Amazon Product Listing to scale your brand

The success or failure of a brand selling products online will always come back to three core metrics - impressions, clicks, and conversions. How many times did customers see your product, click on your product, and purchase your product? There is no wider-reaching aspect to optimize for your product than the keywords and copywriting of the listing itself.

 The written copy of your listing will hit every one of these aspects. Good, thorough keyword research will shape a potent listing filled with opportunities for greater impressions. An engaging title will always attract more clicks than the opposite, and well-crafted listing copy will always move the browser toward becoming a buyer.

Our Product Listings are focused on research

Yet, despite the absolute necessity of exhaustive keyword research that results in high quality listing copy, so many Amazon sellers fail to properly address this area of their business. Listings featuring poor copy with little-to-no benefit-driven language and void of the range of keywords required for wide-scale coverage on Amazon are rife, and this is your opportunity. 

At Ecomcy, we ensure you aren’t leaving this critical aspect of your business to chance. We carry out exhaustive research backed by industry experience and lean on our team of proven copywriters to ensure the products you have spent thousands to source are being presented in the manner they deserve - with quality and conversion in mind. Get started today to uncover the power of an optimized listing!

As your Amazon content & SEO service, we offer:

  • Keyword research and Amazon SEO for core content (titles, bullet points, descriptions)

  • Mobile optimisation like the creation of mobile-ready hero images.

  • A+ Content to boost consumer purchase confidence and conversion.

  • Transcreation and localisation of content for your target countries.

  • Creation and management of your Amazon or eBay Store.

  • Management and uploading of product images.

We can help you create the Perfect Amazon Listing for your product