Why influencer marketing is important

Customers start their own travels on Amazon in 49 percent of cases. Through influencer marketing we reach an additional 51 percent. By promoting your products and brand using influencers, you can build a genuine network of followers.

In our system, we have a lot of micro influencers who have smaller, more exceptionally engaged followings which may place in the commodity market. We'll take care of the whole process and send products to the influencers we choose to work with together. This is an inexpensive option to start a natural buzz about your products and receive articles that are perfect for re-posting on your social network profile.

Does your product need a proper launch strategy?

How Beneficial Amazon Influencer Strategies for Sellers?

You know how important influencer recommendations are to boosting sales as a seller.

Influencers who recommend your products are more likely to be listened to because their followers have learned to like and trust them over time.

According to the data, influencer recommendations are more effective than any promotion that sellers can do for themselves.

Your ability to drive awareness of your brand on and off Amazon is what separates you from other brands. Great brands inspire their customers to become ambassadors. 

As your Amazon Influencer Marketing Agent, we offer:

  • Identifying Target Audience

  • Creating Campaigns

  • Network Management

  • Influencer & Social Strategy

  • Solicit Influencers for Collaboration

  • Execute & Report Results

We can help you get your product under the right influencers