Why product Matters

Do you always wonder where do your competitors get their high selling products from? Choosing the right product is what makes the difference. Finding a product with high demand and low competition typically takes tones of patience, hours of research and years of experience as to what customers like to buy. We will discover a product that not only sells but is also easy to ship, has good margins and involves no legal or category issues.

Don't you have a product yet ?

we help you find the perfect product to start your business

Our data-driven and customer-centric estimates will help you spot excellent product opportunities. Don’t spend hours analyzing complex spreadsheets and exploring complicated tools that won’t lead to any decisions. Instead, experts at Ecomcy will manually sort, systematically arrange, grade and compress the data to dig out the right product for you that will sell.

As your Amazon Product Research Service, we offer:

  • Brainstorming product ideas & Setting up criteria

  • Finding the prospective products from research tool

  • Searching product on Alibaba or any other sourcing websites

  • Sourcing product from agents, Choosing the right supplier & Negotiating with suppliers

  • Manage pre and post-shipment contracts, documents and quotations

  • Launching product on Amazon

We can help find the product that you need to scale your brand