Why branding Matters

As the online retail boom continues to grow in strength, the power of brand is becoming ever more important. With a world of options to choose from - what makes your brand stand out? Brand identity is one of the first experiences your customer will have with your brand, and as we all know - first impressions are everything. 

 Why does a tick turn a $20 pair of shoes into a $100 pair of shoes? Or an apple turn a $300 tablet into a $1000 tablet? Or a medusa-like figure on a coffee cup turn a $1 coffee into a $3 coffee? It’s not the logo itself, but it is the instant identification a consumer has with the associated experience that this brand represents.

Does your brand need to be reborn?

We transform your brand to deliver your mission

These brands have built an identity that is synonymous with various thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When a customer transacts with a brand like this, they expect a certain experience. Creating a strong brand identity is the first step to building a brand that creates such an experience, and as a result creates a wealth of value in the asset that is your brand. 

At Ecomcy we strive to create branding that clearly communicates a brand’s identity whilst adhering to a clean and modern aesthetic. Given your logo will be front and centre before your entire potential customer base, don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to design and development. Let us help craft something that communicates your brand to the world.

As your Amazon Brand Design service, we offer:

  • Professional logo creation process with brand identity development

  • Source files with transparents so you can place your logo anywhere

  • One page brand style guide so future collaborators keep you 'on brand'

  • 10 Piece Social Starter Pack - Branded profile, cover, feed, story images

  • Everything you need to launch the look of a brand you can be proud of

  • Art Content to get your social media in synchronization with your new message

We can help you create the Perfect Branding for your product