Why LANGUAGE Matters

Amazon Europe offers you an incredible opportunity to scale up your business simply by accessing a huge new source of traffic with exactly the same products you are already selling. Expansion into new marketplaces represents one of the quickest opportunities to growth due to the global network Amazon has created on your behalf. 

However, in order to truly make the most of this opportunity, you will need to overcome the language barrier. Many Amazon sellers expand listings into non-English speaking marketplaces without ever understanding the power of a native translation. A little Google translate here, a little high school German there. As a result, conversion rates are low and an incredible opportunity lies untapped. 

Does your brand need optimised content and Amazon SEO to increase conversions?

We will help you express your brand in different countries

 In order to improve on their European listings, some sellers look to native translators, or even Amazon’s own translation service, which is definitely a step in the right direction. However, as you know, when selling on Amazon a ‘nicely' written listing will leave you far short of fully optimized. There are essential preliminary practices such as accurate keyword research that simply must be done effectively if you are looking to maximise this incredible opportunity. 

 So don’t leave your listings to chance. Don’t leave your customers scratching their heads. Take advantage of the full solution package available at Ecomcy including comprehensive keyword research, native translation and PPC setup instructions - then watch your metrics move!

As your Amazon Product Listing Translator service, we offer:

  • English listings translated into all FIVE main EU marketplaces

  • Package includes .de, .it, .fr, .es, and now the brand new .nl opportunity

  • Localised customer, market, and keyword research leaving no stone unturned

  • Optimized title, bullets & description, curated by a native speaker

  • Three review-generating follow up emails in each language

  • Initial Amazon PPC Keyword List for each marketplace

We can help you create the Perfect Amazon Listing for your product on your preferred language