Why Packaging Matters

As competition grows on the Amazon marketplace, setting your product - and your brand - apart from the crowd is an essential endeavour. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is by increasing something called perceived value. Quite simply, perceived value is defined as the customer’s opinion of a product’s value to themselves. 

 Beautifully designed packaging can create an increased sense of perceived value because it communicates quality and status. Think of the last time you bought a product that you perceived had true value… how was it presented? That initial presentation sets the foundation for your experience with a product and means a high quality packaging design is essential.

Does your product need a proper packaging ?

we help your product get the premium feeling that it deserves

Once created, a packaging design is yours forever and can be replicated with no limits meaning this is a long term investment that prepares you for online retail, and potentially even one day in-store retail. A premium product is the key to premium profit margins and that all begins with expertly designed packaging for your product. 

 At Ecomcy, we endeavour to work with you to create packaging designs that will exponentially increase your product’s perceived value and produce a valuable return on investment. We aim to deliver designs you are proud to display front and centre in the marketing of your product, so get started today and experience the benefits of an expertly crafted premium packaging design.

As your Amazon Packaging Designer Service, we offer:

  • Eye-catching full-colour packaging design that makes your product POP

  • Increase perceived value and stand out with a premium packaging design

  • Source and print ready files meaning designs are yours to update forever

  • Review generating product insert included to boost your social proof

  • Realistic conversion-boosting 3D mockup to use in images and marketing

  • Market research to ensure that your product stands from the rest

We can help you create get your product ranked under the right keywords