How to Boost Your Amazon Product Listings

May 11, 2022

How to Boost Your Amazon Product Listings

Amazon is a big profit-making e-commerce site. According to a study, 89% of consumers are ore likely to buy products from Amazon than other E-commerce sites. It is widely known and has a lot of shoppers but you also have a lot of competitors here and they are more likely to increase because e-commerce is a good market. The way to stand out from any of your competitors is to grab your shopper’s attention and to let them lead to your store. 

The most important step in attracting Amazon shoppers is to increase the visibility of your listings. There are a variety of products available on the market, and purchasers do not have the time or patience to go through each and every one of them. Make it simple for consumers to find your products, and you will be well on your way to increasing your sales.


Types of Promoting Your Business

There are two types to promote your Amazon business and these are:

  1. Outside Amazon Promotions
  2. Inside Amazon Promotions

Read this article further to understand more about the difference between the outside and inside amazon promotions. We will put everything in detail for you to have a better understanding of why these are important to boost your Amazon Product Listings.


Outside Amazon Promotion

There are several ways to promote your Amazon Business outside the main platform of Amazon. Here are some of them:


  • By utilizing the Social Media
Social Media


Make use of Social Media by collaborating with some influencers or creating your brand page. Influencers can help in promoting your business especially if the influencer you choose has the audience that you are also targeting. It can help you to reach the audience that you want and gain the exposure that you need.

You can also create your brand page and help influencers to promote and follow it or create your traffic by posting content that interests your target audience. Get your target audience’s attention and get their trust. Your social media page can also be their way to reach out to your business easily by answering their queries and interacting with them. 


  • By getting backlinks

When you have your website or social media page, you can insert backlinks that lead to your store or product in order to gain traffic and more engagement.
  • By using SEO

Include keywords in your product listing that your target buyers are searching for in order to have it appear high in search engine results. Understanding how SEO works is a great plus because you will know the right keywords to use for your product’s title and description. 


Inside Amazon Promotion


To boost your amazon listings inside the Amazon main website, you must do some tweaking with your listings. Here are some tips to do in order to improve your rank listings:


  • Make Your Product Descriptions Better

Your product descriptions play a vital role in your business. The way you construct your product descriptions is important because customers rely on it especially when there are still no reviews on your product. They will read its features and being concise and clear is important. Highlight the best features of your products and make sure that you use correct grammar. 

Your product descriptions represent your products because the buyers will only understand how your product works or what is the purpose of your product by reading its description. So make sure to introduce your product well to your consumers.


  • Use SEO for your listings

Your listing will be more appealing to a wider group of purchasers if you use search engine optimization. When you add popular keywords to your listing, buyers who are currently on Amazon as well as those who are shopping on other websites will be able to locate your item. Because of these enhancements, search engines—including Amazon's and other search engines—determine that your listing is a relevant result and elevate it in the rankings.


  • Maintain a Good and Consistent Product Ratings
Customer satisfaction


It is important to show your shoppers that you provide quality and good brand service. Having a good rating for each of your products gives them good first impressions of your business. You gain their trust by simply having this. 

If they see that your listings have good product ratings, they will be more interested in your brand and they will think that you really have good products. That is why you must also encourage your buyers to leave a review for your products.

Ratings are also a way for buyers to compare each seller to one another. Other buyers consider this as the main factor in choosing where they will purchase the item that they need.


  • Maintain A Good Shipping Performance

Your shipping performance may also affect your ratings from your buyers and it will also affect your seller’s account. It is important that you do not ship late items and follow what you indicated in your listings. 

To keep customers satisfied, Amazon has made shipping a criterion in determining who wins the Buy Box and who ranks high in Amazon's search rankings. This helps to discourage poor shipping methods. If you have regular shipping problems, you have a lower chance of winning the Box or ranking high in the search.

You can check your shipping performance in Amazon Seller Central to keep you on track if you are doing great. You may keep track of numerous critical shipping performance measures, such as the percentage of deliveries made on time and the percentage of deliveries with valid tracking information, to ensure that you are consistently providing excellent service and pleased consumers.


  • Maintain A Good Seller Profile Rating

Your overall seller rating on Amazon, which includes your shipping record and product ratings, has an impact on your chances of winning the Buy Box and ranking high in Amazon's search results, as well.

In order to keep Amazon buyers pleased and the marketplace running, low-rated vendors are being penalized with less visibility on the platform. As a result, purchasers are assured that they are working with merchants who have a strong track record and are capable of providing excellent service.


  • Excite buyers by casting Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are products that are marked down for a limited time period and may be seen in Amazon's Today's Deals section. They garner a great deal of interest and sales from Amazon customers not just because they like discounts, but also because the limited time period encourages buyers to make a purchase.

Sellers must pay a charge, and Lightning Deals must be approved by Amazon before they can be made available to the public. 


  • Your product’s price must be reasonable

Finding the proper pricing for your products is difficult enough on its own, but when you include Amazon's intricacies as well as the fact that other sellers can compete with you, you have a real challenge on your hands. However, if you keep a few essential points in mind, you should be able to avoid some of the more serious problems that could arise.

Because Amazon is a marketplace, you may find yourself in a competitive situation with other third parties in order to 'earn the buy box.' In addition to the numerous repricing solutions available on the market, Amazon has launched the 'Automate Pricing' option on Seller Central to assist you in automating pricing decisions.

Suppose you want to "beat the lowest Fulfilled by Amazon pricing by $0.10," and you create a rule to do so. Ensure that you are winning the buy box on a consistent basis and that you are alerted when you are losing the buy box, in order to develop your Amazon business. It is important to note that the pricing process for Vendors differs from that of Professional Sellers.


  • Use Good Images for Your Product Listings

High-quality photos of products are required on Amazon in order to ensure that potential purchasers understand exactly what they're getting themselves into. When it comes to your products, the images that accompany your listings can be the most crucial conversion element, therefore making them appear good is critical in Amazon marketing.

It is highly advised that you utilize a white background and that the product takes up at least 80% of the image space in your photograph. Even if you have fantastic advertising images that are crowded with people, you will need to modify them or shoot new photographs that are only focused on the product you are selling.

The image should have at least 1,000 dots per inch resolution, regardless of the device on which it is being viewed, in order to be considered good quality (DPI). When buyers zoom in on the image, the image retains its quality as a result.

It is not necessary to include promotional language in your photographs, such as "deal" or "sell." Aside from avoiding putting watermarks or borders on photographs, other Amazon-recommended practices for images include the following: You should also refrain from using drawings or placeholder pictures in your work.


  • You Can Make Sponsored Ads for Your Products

Even with the greatest SEO-optimized product title and description, getting your product to the first page of Amazon search results isn't always straightforward. Amazon takes into account a variety of different ranking factors, including price, selling history, and other considerations.

To internally promote your Amazon goods, you can pay the marketplace to display sponsored advertisements for your products higher in search results, which will help to increase sales. Because you will only be charged when buyers click on your ad, the return on investment from sponsored Amazon ads is virtually guaranteed. The exposure of your listings is boosted, and shoppers will have an easier time finding your product and making a purchase.

These internal and external tips can really be helpful to boost your Amazon Product Listings but there is also another important thing that you must know and do in order for you to really understand why you have to step up your game to boost your seller profile. That is to know who your competitors are. You should run a competitor analysis to know who are your competitors and what they are doing to improve their traffic and engagement. So how to actually do it?


  • Running a Competitor Analysis

The first step in promoting your Amazon listing is to recognize the competition you'll be up against in the process. Competitive sites can provide a wealth of information about what customers want and do not want in the vast majority of categories you are interested in.

  • You want to keep your listings' prices at or below those of competitors not only because shoppers are looking for the best deals, but also because you want to win the Buy Box if you're sharing a listing with other sellers, and Amazon gives a high priority to price when determining who wins the Buy Box.
  • Customer testimonials and Q&A for competitor pages can be found here. Customers are very clear about their preferences, and they may often provide you with ideas for future product modifications or ideas for new products.
  • Examine your competitor's Amazon product listing strategy, such as how frequently they update or change the photos, product content, and other related elements of their product page. You might receive an idea and then put it into action in your own way.
  • Finally, move as swiftly as possible. You may choose to cut your prices and/or enhance your advertising if you notice that a competitor is out of supply at a particular moment. If you notice that your competitors' reviews are increasing at a faster rate than yours, investigate what is causing this. Look for new and original ideas in broader areas, such as visuals or product content, and put them into action before your competition.

Now, you all have a clear picture of the parts that you have to improve and what habits you should start doing. All of these tips are just simple to do but they will surely have a great impact on your business. These tips to help you boost your product listing will surely help you level up your Amazon game. 

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