How To Understand Your Amazon Customers and Win Them Over

August 16, 2022

How To Understand Your Amazon Customers and Win Them Over

The e-commerce landscape is constantly changing. As a seller, you can only survive by innovating according to your customers' needs and wants. And if you sell on the world's biggest e-commerce space, you have a lot to learn from what is arguably earth's most customer-centric company. No company has succeeded in building its brand around its customers than Amazon. With millions of customers worldwide and an increasing Amazon Prime database, their principle of customer obsession is clearly working for them. But what about the sellers? How does brand building and marketing work for them on Amazon?

Competition on Amazon is tough, so you must be customer-centric to scale your brand. And that can only happen when you understand who your buyers are in the first place, at least from a demographics perspective. But here's the thing; Amazon isn't so open about revealing much information about their customers. That's not how it works unless you're part of their Brand Registry Program.

How do you get to understand your customers as an Amazon seller? Keep reading to find out.

How To Identify Your Target Customers When Selling on Amazon

Once you've established your business on Amazon, you need customers to grow it. But with so much competition from other sellers on the platform, your business will require a strategy to take off. First, be clear on what kind of buyers you are targeting, their pain points, and how your product solves their problems.

Start by analyzing your product. Is your product targeting men or women? Is your product targeting buyers from a particular age group?

Next, expand your research to other demographics like income level, occupation, place of residence, and even their hobbies and interests. The most important thing is to create a crystal clear buyer persona. Identifying the age, sex, income bracket, lifestyle habits, education, and more will help you clearly define your ideal buyer. You can always

fine-tune your buyer persona once you have all the correct information from your market research.

What Techniques Can You Use to Understand Your Amazon Customers Better?

Here are techniques you can use to learn more about your customers.

#1 Product reviews left by customers

Amazon Reviews

When customers buy products from Amazon, they get to leave reviews about the product. This is one of the best places to start when you want to understand your customers. Whether good, bad or downright hilarious, product reviews allow you to research the reviewer's profile and unlock what other products they are interested in. Reviews can give you a better understanding of your customers, their buying habits, satisfaction level, and desires to enhance your product and their lives.

Ultimately, you can use this data to push products that solve their specific pain points and pique their interests. An expert Amazon FBA agency can help you research product reviews and dissect this vital information because they know what to look for.

#2 Keyword research

Amazon already runs sponsored ads. With the help of your marketing team or an Amazon PPC Agency, you can use pay-per-click ads to see what words people are using when they click on your ads to finally buy your product. The actual language your customers are searching for can tell you a lot about who they are. You will know what problems those who click on the ads are trying to solve so you can tailor your listing to match those search terms.

As competitive as Amazon is, this can be a great way to stay ahead of the competition. Once you know what your customer is looking for on Amazon, ensure that those specific search terms appear in your product title. You’ll also want to ensure that customers can find the same search terms in other sections of your listing.

#3 Social media and email marketing

This is where you’ll have to spend some time off of Amazon and tune into your audience across social channels. And again, a reputable Amazon FBA agency can do this on your behalf, or you do some of the leg work yourself.

Social listening means hanging out with your ideal buyer hangs out and spending time understanding their questions, wants, needs, and desires. You'll mimic your findings in your Amazon listing and ppc efforts to an extent. It’s a great way of narrowing down exactly who your customers are, their habits, and purchasing power. The data from Facebook alone can help you create targeted ads to increase your sales and brand awareness.

If you have a subscription list, come up with a survey that encompasses questions about your potential customers' problems, other products they may be interested in, and send this through your email list in the form of a survey. Loyal customers like to be asked and heard. Social media and email marketing are great ways to understand your customers just by asking questions and listening.

#3 Possibly get data from Amazon

Amazon used to provide sellers with valuable buyer data that could be used to fuel marketing efforts. In 2021, Amazon removed access to this data for FBA sellers, starting with select accounts. Currently, you may or may not have access.

If you do, and you've been selling on Amazon for a while, you have an established customer base. Start from there. These are actual people who are purchasing your products because they find value in them. Create your buyer personas from the buyer data Amazon provides. You can use this information to make marketing decisions like how to increase your brand awareness and reach. Hopefully, you’re one of the lucky ones where this information is still available.

#6 Data from your team

Marketing Agency

If you have employees who deal with customers regularly, they are an excellent source of information about who your customers are. Team members may have insights into customer problems and what kind of products they are interested in. Meet with your team regularly to hear feedback and information directly from the source that can help you understand what makes your Amazon customers tick. You’ll also build a cohesive team that understands your ideal customer and goals.


Without a clear understanding of your customers, your Amazon business is not scalable. Customers are at the center of every successful business, and even Amazon understands that. To succeed in Amazon selling, first, understand your customers rather than trying to sell to everyone. It may not be the easiest, considering you've got other things to do like inventory management, profits and margins to consider, or product development. That’s where an Amazon Full Management Agency comes in.

Are you struggling to understand your Amazon customers and create targeted listings and ads? We are here to help. Reach out today for a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our Experts, and let's help you understand your Amazon customers so you can scale your business the right way.

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