Why Your Amazon Business Needs Google Ads

August 30, 2022

Why Your Amazon Business Needs Google Ads

Selling on Amazon is no different from selling at a brick-and-mortar store. At the end of the day, you need to market your products. A brick-and-mortar store relies on foot traffic to make sales. On the other hand, an online store depends on people finding your products through various search engines. Amazon is competitive as more and more buyers join the e-commerce giant. So how do you stay ahead of the competition? 

Organic traffic is not always enough to stay ahead of the pack. You have to think outside the box and be willing to spend money promoting your products. Running Google Ads is a great way Amazon sellers can promote their products and get a leg up on the competition. 

In this article, we'll look at why Google Ads are critical and how you can drive traffic to your Amazon product listing using Google ads to drive sales. 

Why is Google Ads traffic so important? 


Why is Google Ads traffic so important?

Google Ads appear in Google search results above the organic search results. Setting up Google Ads will require you to conduct keyword research. When you know what keywords to target, bid for your ad to show on the search results page. Of course, this comes down to competition since it's unlikely that you are the only one targeting those specific keywords.

Here’s the kicker, though. In 2022 we know with certainty that Amazon wants external traffic. So why not give the marketplace what it wants and drive traffic externally?

It's a win-win situation since the traffic you generate is going to Amazon itself, which in turn means more profit and better clickthrough rates and relevancy for the Amazon algorithm. To top it off, Amazon will credit you 10% of sales that originate from external traffic campaigns like Google Ads in the Brand Referral Bonus Program.

Why should you use Google Ads to drive traffic to your Amazon listings?

Google Ads to drive traffic to your Amazon listings

Google is the biggest search engine, with 89.3 billion searches on Google in recent months alone. If you run a Google Ads campaign and do it well, you put your brand in front of hundreds of millions of people who use Google to search for products online. 

By targeting Google Ads, you get to:

#1 Retain long-term traffic

Google Ads are a powerful source of evergreen traffic. True evergreen content has the potential to drive traffic to your listings for months and even years to come. If you know what keywords to target, you can continue driving traffic to your Amazon listing without robust marketing that is often leveraged by trial and error. You only need to ensure that you optimize the ads and have the budget to sustain the campaign. 

#2 Grow your email marketing efforts

One of the aspects of Google Ads that is rarely mentioned is the ability to build an email list or an audience you can use to scale your business to great heights. As you know, Amazon isn't so forthcoming about giving sellers access to customer contact information like emails and phone numbers. In recent years the online giant removed access to its customer data to FBA sellers, causing quite a stir in the FBA world. 

The only way to build a great list is by capturing information before your customers get to Amazon. Google Ads make that possible. You’ll create a landing page to grab this vital data and build out your list to retain your customers yourself.

The data you collect should contain important information like the customer's name, location, and contact information like email. Building an email list comes with many benefits to growing your business on and off of Amazon.

#3 Increase your sales 

Google Ads can help you increase sales and traffic on Amazon. The key to targeting your customers on Google is choosing the right keywords with a good number of searches on Amazon. With the right keywords, you can stay ahead of the competition as more and more people click on your ads, increasing conversion and, in the end, sales. Doing a little research will go a long way, and on Amazon, increased sales will make your products rank higher in Amazon search results. 

How to send Google Ads traffic to Amazon listings

Send Google Ads traffic to Amazon listings


You’ll first create a Google Ads campaign and choose how long you want the campaign to run. Since your ads will appear on top before the organic search results, people will likely click on the ad, especially if it contains the keywords they used when searching for that product. Here are a few steps to set up a Google Ads campaign: 

Step 1: Master the Google Ads structure

There are three layers for Google Ads – campaigns, ad groups, and ads. The campaign is the highest level. You may need to create different campaigns if you sell different products or have different goals. Ad groups are organized based on the keyword groups and theme, and creating multiple ad groups with each campaign is possible. 

Step 2: Starting a new campaign

Once you understand the hierarchy, you can start a new campaign. But you first need to choose your goal: increase leads and sales leads, website traffic, or brand reach and awareness. 

Step 3: Set up your ad groups

Ad groups are ads primarily designed for a group of related keywords. When starting, you can have just one ad group. Choose your default bid and the keywords you're targeting for that ad group. Take your time picking the right keywords relevant to the product you are selling, with high search volume and high buyer intent; similar to Amazon keyword research, relevancy is critical. 

Step 4: Create your ad

Google provides limited space to describe your product. If you have offers or want to tell people why they should buy your product and not your competitors, here's where you include all that. Ensure that you don't waste the space with needless words. Copywriting will be key to your Google Ads success rate. The best practice is to use the keywords you are targeting, including any discounts or offers, and leverage a clear and concise call to action. 

Step 5: Start tracking conversion

Running a Google Ads campaign without tracking your conversions is a waste of your time and resources. The whole point of investing in such a campaign is to increase sales. If your campaign isn't doing that, you can always go back to the drawing board to see what you did wrong. But that is only possible if you have a way of tracking the conversion. Some of the things you will need to track include:

  • Which keywords are working 
  • Your cost per conversion 
  • The conversion rate 


The increased sales from Google Ads can help lead to a higher search ranking on Amazon. But the truth is that it can be overwhelming creating and running Google ads for Amazon without experience. Not to mention it can get pricey to play Google Ads roulette. 

Why not consider a full-service Amazon agency with the resources and the talent to handle such campaigns on your behalf? If this sounds like you, contact us today for a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our Experts.

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