A few years ago I was desperate to get out of my 9–5 job because I want to start my own business. I was sick of having long hours at work and I knew I deserved to be in a better situation. I was far from my family. I spent less and less time with loved ones and friends. I just couldn’t find a way out from the situation I was in. 

 Until one day, I was reading a book, and something it said really struck me deeply: “Freedom”. I then realised I had to get started immediately, so the next few days, I started working on some side gigs to kickstart my freelancing career. 


It wasn’t easy, absolutely not. The first month, I was working longer hours, with my job at the office and working at home. It wasn't long after I decided to hand in my notice and quit the 9-to-5. It was scary but I had to do what I have to do to get that time freedom I've dreamed of. 

Once that initial hurdle was overcome, my business started to blossom and give me the freedom I so desperately needed.