To stand head and shoulders above competition it is essential to create a unique and value-packed offer. A perfect way to add value to your product is with complimentary follow up content. eBooks provide the perfect solution for a bundling addition that when advertised as relevant to the use of your product should cause clicks and conversions grow due to increased perceived value. 

Does your product need a ebook to add value to buyers?

differentiate from the growth and provide a build true customers

In addition, the ability to deliver something of true value (such as an engaging and informative free eBook) by follow-up opt-in on your website or when advertising to cold traffic allows you to rapidly grow your customer list. The practice of building a customer list and growing your audience is an essential activity for any successful brand.

Ecomcy designed eBooks come in full colour, high resolution, ready to be distributed to your customers. Simply provide the text based content along with any brand guidelines and our team will get to work on making it all happen - stock images included! Order now to discover the impact of valuable content included in your product offering.

As your Amazon Ebook Designer, we offer:

  • Up to 20 pages of engaging design to create value for customers

  • Works well as a ‘lead magnet’ online or in ads to gather customers

  • Source and print ready files meaning designs are yours to update forever

  • Carefully and professionally crafted to maintain brand consistency

  • High quality compression meaning files are small and deliverable via email

  • Post purchase strategy to help you build a true fan base around your unique content

We can help you create the Perfect Ebook to fully differentiate your product