Why Giveaways Work for Amazon Sellers

A lot of ecommerce business owners tend to shy away from giveaways, especially when they’re just starting out. With a limited budget and inventory, the idea of giving away their precious product for free seems foolhardy. 

 This, however, is a pretty massive misconception. 

 Product launches—whether it’s your first or your hundredth—are a super effective time to launch a giveaway campaign, whether that’s in the form of a contest or a “buy one get one” scenario. 

 The bottom line here is that giveaways are an investment, not a loss. Think of promotional giveaways like you would coupons. They are a calculated effort designed to boost your bottom line in the long run by ranking your product under the right keywords to gain more search volume exposure

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Suppose that you run a giveaway contest on Facebook. While plenty of successful campaigns give away a single product, let’s go a little crazy and say you were giving away 10 items. To keep things easy, let’s say your cost per product is $10. That’s a total of $100 “lost” to the giveaway campaign. 

 However, say that your contest racks up 1,000 new leads (not unheard of by any stretch of the imagination). That’s $0.10 per lead… which, to put it plainly, is dirt cheap pretty much regardless of your product type or niche—physical product sellers typically pay significantly more per lead. 

 That, of course, is a fairly simplified example, but the point stands: giveaway campaigns + messenger bots = a match made in heaven.

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