ECOMCY offers the marketing services that you need to set up your online business. We use adequate programs and strategies to make sure your business is provided with an excellent marketing campaign.  

Our TEAM is formed by experts within the area. Years and years of experience is what have made us experts in each service we offer. We know what are the key marketing elements and business strategies each business requires.

After launching your AMAZON product, building the right MARKETING strategy is the next essential step. A good marketing will significantly help in the generation of sales. This means, potential customers will be able to see your product, which will help boost your sells. 

We offer three different marketing services.LEARN MORE about them:

It has been proven that the right marketing can BOOST YOUR SELLS up to 90%. If you combine the three services Amazon PPC Management, Social Media and Influencer Marketing and Google advertisement; your product will be in front of potential customers through all posible channels, increasing the probability of generating sells.