Best Tip Ever: An Amazon FBA Agency Is Where It's At In 2022

July 06, 2022

Best Tip Ever: An Amazon FBA Agency Is Where It's At In 2022

Are you considering selling on Amazon but a little overwhelmed by the process starting with account setup, marketing, advertising, and more? Luckily, when you start a business on Amazon, you don’t have to tackle the massive to-list on your own. You can outsource some or all of the most critical elements of the business to an experienced Amazon FBA agency. 

Let’s face it, the Amazon platform is complex and can be time-consuming. The online heavyweight is constantly updating its platform with new algorithms and policies, which can be a little confusing to navigate especially if you are new to the platform. 

Scaling your business can start to feel overwhelming as you attempt to juggle the role of CEO, product researcher, sourcing agent, accountant, and prime decision-maker for all elements of the business. Your personal time decreases, and before you know it, you lose sight of important aspects like advertising, creatives, and numbers. 

A qualified Amazon FBA agency can help regain your time, alleviate project overwhelm, prioritize tasks, scale product lines, and much more.

This article will explore the benefits of hiring a full-service Amazon FBA agency so you can focus on elements of running your business without experiencing mass Amazon confusion.


What Is An Amazon FBA Agency?

Amazon FBA Agency

An Amazon FBA agency is a company that helps Amazon sellers start and grow their business to big and trusted brands. Full-service Amazon agencies are made up of Amazon experts that have specialized expertise in the field. 

An Amazon agency can tackle everything from branding, marketing and promotion, creatives, Amazon product listings, search engine optimization, market research, advertising, product supply, and more to take the weight off your shoulders and seamlessly flourish your business.

With Amazon constantly evolving and launching new tools, the most crucial aspect of your Amazon FBA business involves keeping yourself up to date on new features, policies, terms of service, and new advertising products released by Amazon. 

That's why you need an expert in the field to help you shoulder the responsibility and grow your reach. 


What Are The Benefits of Hiring an Amazon FBA Agency?


#1 Full-Service Agencies Lend Amazon Marketing Expertise

As an Amazon seller, one thing you need to consider when it comes to selling on the platform is how to position your products to sell well. Because of coveted Amazon requirements, you’ll want to focus on crucial elements of the platform to lead to your success. Failing to stay on top of vital elements may mean falling behind your competition and losing out on more sales.

Marketing on Amazon isn’t necessarily the same as other channels or retail markets, however. The creative element of selling on the platform requires stringent adherence to Amazon style guides, or you may lose clicks and conversions. With less than a few seconds to convert browsers to buyers on Amazon, you’ll want the best images, video content, and A+ content to position your brand as a leader. 

An Amazon FBA agency has the Amazon-specific marketing experience you may lack and understands what changes need to be made to maximize the effectiveness of your digital shelf. They know where to target their efforts to get you the best results, rather than you spending your money and blindly guessing with one-off creative marketing services.

#2 An Amazon FBA Agency Can Help Increase ROI

When customers land on an Amazon listing, they do so because they use specific search terms in their queries. Because of this crucial SEO element, Amazon goes to great lengths to provide its customers with the best search results and experience. 

This means ensuring that your search terms correspond to the content of your product listings. It’s a little-known fact that ranking products on Amazon is science, not guesswork. Therefore, the best Amazon FBA agencies understand that Amazon SEO can mean the difference in your product showing up on page one versus page 100.

An Amazon FBA agency expert knows the value of Amazon listing optimization. They work to optimize your product listings to appear at the top of search results and are heavily trained in keyword ranking. These marketing agencies have access to cutting-edge tools and resources to optimize words and phrases for specific products. They’ll design and customize advertising to your sales strategy, creating effective ad campaigns with a higher ROI.

#3 Agencies Help You Stay Up To Date with Amazon's Terms of Service 

Agencies Helps with Amazon's Terms of Service

As one of the most extensive e-commerce marketplaces in the world, Amazon strives to maintain that reputation every day. With millions of people visiting the platform daily, more companies turn to it to increase their business revenue and profits. 

Because of that, Amazon has a lot of rules and regulations that dictate how you conduct business on the platform. These rules help monitor and guide operations on the platform to ensure fairness to Amazon's services, features, vendors, and users. 

Amazon suspension policies and regulations are constantly changing and can, in the long run, harm your business if you fail to comply. In some instances, violating these policies can result in the suspension of your seller account or the removal of your sales rights. Even incorrect wording can have your product listing removed swiftly, if not careful.

Amazon marketing agencies can help you stay updated with Amazon's terms of service and regulations. They can help you anticipate where listing violations may occur, ensuring your seller account and digital shelf remain in good standing. 

These complex issues are not to be taken lightly and can mean the difference between your account being closed or continuing to sell on the platform. A trusted Amazon FBA agency is your best offense regarding account health and smooth account operation.

#4 Cost-Effective

Cost Effective

Learning the necessary skills to scale your business on Amazon can be painstaking. 

Hiring an agency to manage your Amazon presence can be cheaper than hiring a full-time person or marketing team. Reputable agencies offer knowledge and software that could break the bank if you need to purchase both every month on your own. 

Amazon agencies offer flexible pricing as well as a variety of packages that you can choose from. Often you don’t need to commit to services for longer than you require or over your budget. With flexible pricing and packages, you can end your contract anytime and continue managing your sales by yourself. 

Hiring an agency means you don’t need to spend money and time hiring freelancers or businesses that may lack actual Amazon experience or expertise. You’ll save money in the long run.


A full-service Amazon FBA agency can help you launch and scale your business in any phase of your Amazon journey. Hiring an Amazon FBA agency means hiring a team that can ebb and flow with dynamic changes in Amazon and your business. Your Amazon business will be better equipped to stay up to date on the platform and keep customers' needs a priority, helping you grow a reputable brand that lasts a lifetime. 

Ecomcy is a full-service Amazon FBA Agency, providing tactical/execution support and strategic consulting services for Amazon sellers and vendors. Contact us for a quote and scale your brand today

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