How To Increase Good Product Reviews On Amazon 2023

March 10, 2023

How To Increase Good Product Reviews On Amazon 2023

In today's online shopping world, Amazon has become the go-to platform for buyers to search for and purchase products from a vast selection of sellers. With this in mind, the importance of good product reviews on Amazon cannot be overemphasized. Positive reviews are not only a sign of quality but also help increase sales and build customer trust.

How Amazon Reviews Calculation Works 

Good reviews in Amazon


How it works

Rating scale

Amazon uses a five-star rating system

Overall rating

The overall rating of a product is the average of all the ratings received from customers

Number of ratings

The overall rating of a product is the average of all the ratings received from customers

Quality of ratings

Ratings from verified buyers are given more weight than those from unverified buyers

Age of reviews

Reviews that are more recent are given greater importance than reviews that are older.

Presence of negative reviews

Products with a high number of negative reviews are less likely to have a high overall rating

Let's say a product has received 10 reviews from verified buyers. The ratings given by the buyers are as follows:


Number of Reviews

5 stars


4 stars


3 stars


2 stars


1 star


To calculate the overall rating for this product, Amazon would take the sum of all the ratings received and divide it by the total number of ratings. In this case, the sum of all ratings is:

(5 x 6) + (4 x 3) + (3 x 1) + (2 x 0) + (1 x 0) = 39

So, the overall rating of the product would be:

39 / 10 = 3.9 stars

This means that the product would have an overall rating of 3.9 stars out of 5.

However, it's important to note that Amazon's review system takes into account other factors as well, such as the age of the reviews, the number of ratings, and the presence of negative reviews. These factors can impact a product's overall rating and its visibility on Amazon's platform.

Strategies To Increase Good Product Reviews On Amazon

If you're an Amazon seller looking to increase good product reviews, there are several strategies you can employ. Below are a few suggestions to help you begin:

Provide High-Quality Products

The first step in generating positive product reviews is to ensure that the products you sell are of high quality. When customers receive high-quality products, they are more likely to leave positive feedback on your product page. Ensure that you source your products from reputable suppliers and conduct quality control checks to avoid shipping defective products.

Encourage Reviews

As a seller, it is important to encourage customers to leave reviews after purchasing your products. You can do this by sending a follow-up email or message to your customers after they receive their order. In your message, politely request that they can leave an honest review around the product and experience. You can also include a link to your product page to make it easier for them to leave a review.

Offer Great Customer Service

Provide good customer service

Providing excellent customer service is crucial to getting positive product reviews. Be prompt in responding to customer inquiries and provide a satisfactory solution to any issues they may have. Customers who receive great customer service are more likely to leave positive reviews.

Provide Detailed Product Information

When creating your product listing, provide as much detailed information as possible. This will help customers make informed decisions before purchasing your product. Detailed product information also helps reduce the likelihood of negative reviews due to customers receiving products that are not what they expected.

Respond To Reviews

When you respond to reviews, including both positive and negative ones, it demonstrates your appreciation for your customers' input. If a customer posts a negative review, responding with courtesy and attempting to address their concern may help convert a negative review into a positive one.

Use Amazon's Early Reviewer Program (Vine)

Amazon's Early Reviewer Program is designed to help sellers generate their first few product reviews. The program offers a small incentive to customers who leave a review on newly launched products.

Why Good Reviews Are Important On Amazon?

As the world's largest online retailer, Amazon has built a reputation for providing quality products and exceptional customer service. A critical component of Amazon's success is the review system, which allows customers to rate and provide feedback on products they have purchased. In this blog post, we will discuss why good reviews are important on Amazon.

Build Trust and Credibility

Good reviews help to build trust and credibility for both the seller and the product. Customers are more likely to trust products that have positive reviews, and they are more likely to purchase products from sellers who have a good reputation. When customers see that a product has received positive reviews, they are more likely to believe that the product is of good quality and worth the investment.

Increase Sales

Increase sales

Positive reviews can increase sales. When a product has positive reviews, customers are more likely to purchase it. This is because positive reviews serve as a form of social proof, indicating that other customers have had a positive experience with the product. When customers see that a product has received positive reviews, they are more likely to believe that the product will meet their needs and provide value for their money.

Improve Product Visibility

Good reviews can improve the visibility of a product on Amazon. Amazon's algorithm takes into account the number and quality of reviews when determining a product's search ranking. Products with a high number of positive reviews are more likely to appear at the top of search results, making them more visible to potential customers.

Help Improve Product Quality

Good reviews can also help sellers improve the quality of their products. When a product receives positive reviews, sellers can use that feedback to identify what customers like about the product and what they could improve. This feedback can be used to make improvements to the product, ensuring that it meets the needs and expectations of customers.

Provide Feedback to Sellers

Reviews also provide valuable feedback to sellers. By reading reviews, sellers can learn what customers like and dislike about their products. This feedback can be used to make improvements to the product, as well as to inform future product development.


Getting positive product reviews on Amazon is essential for increasing sales and building customer trust. By providing high-quality products, encouraging reviews, offering great customer service, providing detailed product information, providing incentives, responding to reviews, and using Amazon's Early Reviewer Program, you can increase your chances of getting positive reviews and growing your business on Amazon.

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