Ways to Automate your Digital Marketing and Tools that You Can Use

May 23, 2022

Ways to Automate your Digital Marketing and Tools that You Can Use

What is Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital Marketing

In recent years, digital marketing automation has grown into a significant industry, particularly in light of the increasing number of marketing technologies that are currently available on the market. By definition, digital marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies that are designed for marketing departments and organizations to automate repetitive tasks and market more effectively on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.). These channels include email, social media, websites, and other similar platforms.

These technologies enable marketers to automate and simplify client contact by managing complex omnichannel marketing plans from a single tool. This makes it possible for marketers to save time and money. Digital marketers can benefit from the use of marketing automation solutions in various facets, including lead generation and segmentation, lead nurturing and lead scoring, relationship marketing, cross-sell and upsell, retention, and assessment of marketing return on investment (ROI).

The use of marketing automation promises significant improvements, including an increase in the number of leads, conversions, and sales made with less effort. Businesses that employ automation have reported more leads and sales, which has resulted in a productivity boost of 14 percent in the sales department and a decrease of 12 percent in marketing expenses.

Automation presents an exciting possibility for better efficiency, a reduction in costs, and an improvement in the quality of the customer experience for marketing professionals. Beginning a road toward automation for your company may appear frightening at first, but if you have the correct counsel, you'll find that it's easier than you think!

Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation Tools

  • Specifically outlined procedures

It is much simpler for the marketing and sales teams to hold each other accountable for particular tasks when all of your processes are clearly laid out and documented.

  • They lower both the stress and the workload.

An astounding eighty percent of marketers report that they are understaffed while also being overworked. One of the most significant advantages of marketing automation is that it relieves members of your team of some of their responsibilities and helps them save time. As a result, they will no longer feel as though they are being suffocated by their to-do lists and will be able to concentrate their efforts and attention on other matters of importance.

  • They provide an excellent return on investment.

Tools for marketing automation have the capacity to automate cross-sells, upsells, and follow-ups, all of which have the potential to increase revenue and deal size.

  • Less repetition, more creativity

When manual, repetitive work is replaced by automated rules and campaigns, the time that was previously spent on those duties by your team is naturally freed up, allowing them to focus on more creative projects.

Despite the fact that this has clear benefits for the productivity and effectiveness of your staff, there is also a softer and less tangible benefit on creativity and overall happiness that comes from focusing your staff on varied creative work rather than mundane repetitive tasks. This benefit comes from the fact that your staff will be happier.

  • Target prospective clients via a variety of digital channels.

One of the significant advantages that marketing automation provides to marketers is the capability to communicate with clients in a manner that is personalized across a variety of online and offline channels. This is a significant benefit.

You have the option of contacting clients via email, postcard, text message, tweet, or phone call at various phases of the customer journey when you are developing a marketing sequence such as the one that is depicted above.

When it comes to multi-channel targeting, many marketing automation platforms have more options than others than their competitors. Although the majority of solutions support targeting via email, social media, and phone calls, very few provide targeting by text messages and postcards.

  • Raise the level of ultra-targeting in all of your advertising strategies.

One of the most significant opportunities currently open to marketers is the development of highly targeted marketing campaigns that can be carried out on a massive scale. Because it is a fundamental principle of marketing that the more pertinent an offer or product is to a potential consumer, the greater the likelihood that the customer will purchase the offer or product in question.

Never before have we had the ability or the privilege to reach one thousand unique leads with one thousand unique messages in a manner that was completely automated.


Types of Marketing Automation

  • Email Automation

Email Automation
Emails are at the center of all that marketing automation does. Email is typically the marketing communication medium of choice when companies and marketers are discussing the construction of lead nurturing workflows. When you consider that email marketing still has the highest return on investment (ROI) of practically every other marketing channel, this comes as no surprise at all.

Email automation is essentially software that automates the sending of marketing emails based on workflows, user data, and online behavioral triggers. This type of software is generally referred to as "email automation." This software has the ability to drastically cut down on operating costs while also greatly improving efficiency. This is made possible by the combination of email tools and consumer data platforms. Everything is tracked, which is a nice plus because it makes it much easier to gather insights and produce reports.

When new contacts subscribe to a service, one of the most popular applications of email automation is the sending of a welcome sequence of emails to onboard these new connections. It's possible that this email will contain information about the company, its goods, and the measures that need to be taken next. To achieve the highest possible level of engagement, the onboarding process is of the utmost importance, and automated email systems make it possible to send messages in a much more timely fashion.

  • Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, refers to the process of managing a customer's or potential customer's relationship with an organization, as the name suggests. It boils down to keeping track of each and every touchpoint and saving relevant implicit and explicit data about your leads and clients. After that, access to these data can reveal insights about customers, which, in turn, can be utilized to improve teamwork and increase productivity.

  • Social Media Automation

Social Media automation
The automation of social media typically consists of activities such as post scheduling, social listening, information collection, and report generation. These technologies can be of incalculable value to marketers that wish to enhance the effectiveness of their social media strategy and boost the amount of user participation.

You can determine which initiatives are successful and which fall short of expectations with the assistance of reporting tools for social media. You will also gain insights into what resonates with your audience, which will allow you to produce content that is more pertinent and interesting in the future.

  • Marketing Analysis

Market Analysis
The fact that marketing automation is data-driven is undoubtedly one of its most valuable characteristics. The most rational choices are those that are founded on unmistakable and indisputable data, for reasons that are self-evident. In order to evaluate performance and the benefits that come from it, you need to be aware of what is successful and what is not. That requires having the appropriate tools to collect your data and interpret it in a meaningful way.

The objective of marketing analytics tools is to collect relevant data and organize it in a way that assists organizations in gaining a better understanding of the results of their marketing initiatives. What you don't know can surely hurt you, despite the fact that there is a common adage to the contrary.


Tools that you can use to Automate your Digital Marketing


There are several reasons why HubSpot's Marketing Hub stands out from other marketing automation platforms in a fundamental way. To start, no one else comes close to matching their concentration on inbound marketing, which encompasses content and search marketing. They also provide the additional benefit of the Sales and Service Hubs, which means that your team will be able to work together more effectively—even across departments—thanks to the availability of these hubs.


Marketo is a popular digital marketing automation platform that "covers any channel and every engagement." Marketo was founded in 2003. After being recently acquired by Adobe, this technology was promptly included in their enterprise marketing cloud shortly after the acquisition. Marketo is one of the more developed products now available on the market. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, which includes email marketing, social marketing, budget management, lead nurturing, website personalization, and more. LaunchPoint, which is part of the Marketo marketplace, enables users to quickly and simply connect their existing tools with Marketo.


When it comes to marketing automation tools, ActiveCampaign may be the one that performs the greatest job of integrating automation into the tasks performed by actual people. The fact of the matter is that marketing automation platforms are not capable of handling everything; certain areas of marketing still require the involvement of a human. Instead of trying to replace marketers and salespeople with tech, ActiveCampaign has structured its product around this idea, providing features such as notification emails that give them more authority.


Mailchimp is transforming from an email marketing tool into a full-fledged marketing automation system, and the transition is currently in progress. Mailchimp is one of the original email marketing tools, and despite the fact that its extended features have not yet been tested, the company has turned its years of experience into a rock-solid and capable email automation platform that is simple to operate.


Customer.io's email automation solution was designed specifically for organizations that operate on a subscription model, and its primary focus is on maintaining customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. The availability of a large number of integrations makes it simple to collect data from various parts of your technology stack and transform it into automatic categories and email marketing campaigns that are effective.


Buffer was initially a social media content scheduling tool; however, over time, it has evolved to suit the way that modern businesses really utilize social media. The platform continues to make it simple to schedule and curate material, but it also includes new solutions called "Reply" and "Analyze" that assist connect social media with all of the other teams they need to collaborate with in order to function effectively within contemporary enterprises.


Hootsuite is one of the social media automation platforms that is considered to be among the most comprehensive. It is also one of the social media automation platforms that offer the most features. Hootsuite provides all of the tools that are necessary to establish a social media presence for your company that really makes a difference. This includes tools that allow you to schedule content, curate from a library of content that has been pre-approved, and monitor conversations that are taking place about your company and the industry. It is essential to develop a social media presence for your brand that can differentiate itself from competitors.


Tips to Optimize your Automation

Be precise in your content

You are able to tailor the experience to each individual customer when you use marketing automation. Utilize your buyer personas in conjunction with behavioral targeting across all of your marketing channels, from advertising to email marketing, to ensure that each prospect and customer only receives the information that is most relevant to them. Customers don't have a lot of time, so automation can help you get right to the point by making better use of the data you're already collecting to bring attention to the information that's most relevant at the appropriate moment.

Listen to your customers

Always remember to focus on the requirements of your consumer rather than allowing yourself to be distracted by the "shiny object syndrome" and signing up for each and every digital marketing automation solution on the market. In what ways will they benefit more from this automation than from the work that you are now doing for them? If you do not know the answer to that question, then the piece of automation in question is most likely not the one that you should use.

Review the outcome

Keeping a tight check on the results of what you're doing is, like any other endeavor, the greatest method to determine whether or not you're successful (and how to do better at it). If you find that the email open rate for your automated messages is much lower than it is for the ones that you are drafting in real-time, then this should serve as a warning sign that your automation efforts need to be reevaluated and adjusted accordingly.


It is time for all of us to step up our marketing efforts to the next level. And we can't just jam in additional hours to make it work; instead, we need to do a comprehensive review of the way we market to our clients.

To our good fortune, we have access to a variety of powerful resources. The Internet, with all of its incredible possibilities, was made possible by computers. They also have the ability to provide us with the tools necessary to take that great mess of data, content, and customer behavior and transform it into a symphony instead of a cacophony.

It is true that it is easier to say than to do. But it's achievable. And the benefits have been thoroughly researched.

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